2. Every day “Therapeutic drink” :)

As Coronavirus continues to spread, it is more important than ever for us to support our immune system. We can do this by making a few key modifications in our lifestyle. Have you ever wondered why our forefathers had strong immunity and were naturally healthier?
Back in the ancient times, people used to rely on herb-infused water to treat the ailments they encountered. In Ayurveda, water itself is considered a therapeutic tool, and when combined with beneficial herbs, it has even higher detoxification potency and healing powers.
Most of the spice drinks can be easily prepared at home. I would like to share a therapeutic water recipe (spice-water recipe) which I drink almost every other day to enhance my immunity, which helps with skin cleansing and feeling refreshed. Spices create different effects on the body through aroma and taste. And It becomes easier for the body to flush out toxins and impurities when you drink it warm. Over time, it cleanses the channels so the water is unobstructed as it travels into the body to hydrate the tissues, and travels out carrying waste. This is one of the recipes which helps our body to fight back if we get exposed.


  1. Fill your bottle or Jug with lukewarm water (1000 ml or 1 litre)
  2. Add clove(2-3), peppercorn(1-2), anise(1), cinnamon(1/2 stick) & ginger(1/2 inch grated or sliced) in the jug filled with water. 65E2FE6F-492A-4BFA-B836-2F8D24D6D18C
    75F5D116-595A-4E2A-9839-818148F5E8B93. Let ingredients sink and get absorbed in water for 15 minutes before starting drinking it. 

The rate of absorption of regular water vs. boiled water (as per ancient texts)
a. Regular water — takes about 6 hours if every channel is clear.
b. Boiled and cooled water — takes about 3 hours to be absorbed, and helps open the channels.
c. warm herbalized water — takes about 1½ hours, due to sharpness of agni and herbs and spices.

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Following are the ways to boost your immunity :

  1. Do not refrigerate this water drink. Consume lukewarm.
  2. You may keep this water for 3-4 days. And then make a fresh one with the same process.
  3. Avoid inflammatory food to keep immune system healthy. (Sugar, processed meat, and alcohol etc ).
  4. Stay away from smoking.
  5. Do exercise or yoga.
  6. Also check  1. Turmeric Milk: #Immunitybooster


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