Smoky Paneer Tikka :)

Smoky food, drinks, friends and good conversation – SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT BBQ PARTY!!!

Recently we were invited to an American BBQ party where everyone could bring something if they wished to throw on the grill. So we decided to unleash our own very favorite Paneer Tikka 🙂 ! After having them, everyone in the party was so impressed by its smoky taste and the quick turn around time that the demand for recipe quickly followed 🙂 So here I am penning down the recipe for all my friends. Next time you think of a party, do a BBQ one and this quick Paneer Tikka recipe will never disappoint you. Best part is you can also prepare it in regular oven or even on a pan!



Cuisine: Indian Course: Snacks/BBQ  Preparation time : 10 mins for cutting and 20 mins for marination Roasting time: 15 mins Serving: 3-4


Besan or gram flour -1 cup
Seasonings-(1tsp for all or as per your taste) salt, black pepper, red chilly powder, cumin seeds, coriander and garam masala (You could replace or skip any of them as per your taste)
Curd or plain yogurt -1/2 cup
Ginger garlic paste – 2 tbsp
Lemon – 1/2
Water – 10 to 20 ml
Onions – 1 Small or 1/2 big
Bell peppers – 1
Paneer or cottage cheese – 1 packet or 360 gm
Skewers 6-8


1. Prepare the paste to marinate – Add gram flour, seasonings (salt, black pepper, red chilly powder, cumin seeds, coriander and garam masala – you could replace or skip any of these as per your taste), water, ginger garlic paste , yogurt and lemon. Whisk it nicely.


2. Cut onion, bell peppers and cottage cheese (paneer) in square shape.



3. Mix veggies with the paste.


4. Put veggies on the skewers


5. Refrigerate them for 10-15 mins before grilling.EBE80B23-0BBF-4CB2-ADEA-641927DDCEE0

6. Preheat the oven to 300-350 F and spray some cooking oil on the grill. Place the skewers on the grill (you could also just spray the oil on a pan or in an oven and bake). Bake until it looks smoky. It takes no more than 15 mins.


6. Serve immediately with green chutney & some wine!



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  1. Bake/roast:
    For oven: Set temperature to 300-350 F (10-15 min), Spray cooking oil, Bake.
    For Pan: Heat on medium flame, Spray cooking oil, roast
    For grill/BBQ : Directly roast for 10 mins 

  2.  You could also pack it in a zip lock and store for a hiking trip!
  3. All ingredients are available in any Indian store


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